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2005-10-16 - jTPCC v1.2.0 is available.


Version 1.2.0 is a major update of jTPCC with the following highlights:

  • Compliance with TPC-C Specification 5.4

  • New module for database population

  • Support for Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL

  • Graphics plotted in the interface

  • Dump the database into a file after population (for fast restore)

Check the Change Log or get the full version (including all required libraries and also drivers for MySQL and PostgreSQL).



2003-12-23 - jTPCC v1.1.0 released.


This release considers current v1.0.7 features stable. Text output was optimized and there is no longer one tab per terminal to improve usability.



2003-12-06 - jTPCC v1.0.7 released.


A small number of terminals caused text output to become very heavy on the processor after displaying many text lines.



2003-12-05 - jTPCC v1.0.6 released.


Just a few changes to the interface, nothing new.



2003-12-04 - jTPCC v1.0.5 released.


Some improvements to the interface and a better limit on the memory used by the output areas.


Last updated: October 16, 2005